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Oripan is a soap made with all natural ingredients that was created in South Korea many decades ago. The great benefits of oriental herbal extracts have been passed from generation to generation and contain formulated ingredients to enhance healthy skin. Oripan is quite different from any other soap because it is absolutely pure and does not contain any chemicals.

Its use provides a deep cleansing treatment that effectively cleans away harmful bacteria and dead skin and clears away most skin infections and ailments such as acne, water blisters, eczema and most other forms of dermatitis. Oripan leaves your skin fresh and glowing.

Oripan is now available in a new  "Acne Skin"
formula. This soap is approved by the KFDA (Korea
Food and Drug Association) to prevent and remove
acne, leaving your skin with the look and feel of
smooth and healthy skin.

The management of the ORIPAN products has decided to add the moisturizing natural ingredients and the odor reducing ingredients to the 'NORMAL/OILY' soap and to the 'ACNE' soap. This new arrangement now provides the 'dry' and 'odor reduction' benefits to all ORIPAN soap customers.

Oripan is excellent for quickly removing make-up and leaves your face refreshed. Other makeup cleansers are not needed.

Please note that our manufacturing process to make the ORIPAN soap provides a highly dense product that is free of fillers and air thus producing a unique soap that lasts more than three or four or more times longer than soap sold at health and vitamin shops, pharmacies and supermarkets.

Oripan is very effective in removing skin infections in every part of the body including body odors.

Oripan is applied just as you use ordinary soap but its effectiveness is best when applied firmly but gently with a face cloth and allowed to remain on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing. You will be absolutely delighted with the results. Satisfaction guaranteed!

New...  All natural all-in-one Shampoo and Conditioner

The Oripan research group has produced a successful mix of their wonderful shampoo and hair conditioner into a single product.  This new formula is made with all natural ingredients that rinse clean, leaving you with beautiful, healthy, lustrous hair all day long.

Men, women and children will enjoy their beautiful full-bodied, lustrous and manageable hair. Using our shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis eliminates dandruff and itchiness, as well as other scalp and hair problems, resulting in healthy and beautiful hair.